HP Pavilion Keyboard Combo 200

Extend your input capabilities with keyboards and mice from HP.

Experience the most dependable mouse and keyboard combination you’ve ever seen. Now you can enjoy 12 updated media key shortcuts for a productive workflow.


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Key Features

Simple shortcuts for better work 
Enjoy using updated shortcuts at your fingertips for a more productive workflow, including: Task View, File Manager, Office Hotkeys, and Media Controls. 
Type in total comfort 
Experience the chiclet keyboard designed for fast, comfortable, and accurate typing and the built-in palm rest for added comfort. 
Compact, clean design 
Simple is beautiful; enjoy using a clean, compact keyboard paired with an elegant, glossy mouse. 
Agile and accurate 
Offering up to 1600dpi, this wired mouse is as agile as you are and highly efficient. Indicators for your keys 3 LED green light indicators for your most important keys, caps lock, num locks, and scroll keys. 
Connectivity made easy 
Enjoy a dependable, easy USB connection to your PC.



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