Logitech MX Keys Combo For Business


The MX Keys for Business and MX Master 3 for Business combo with palm rest. It’s the ultimate key to productivity, giving users with specialised workflow needs the power to truly master what they make.


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Key Features

•	Wireless with 2 ways to connect: Logi Bolt USB receiver, Bluetooth® Low Energy Wireless Technology
•	Logi Bolt is Security Mode 1, Security Level 4 and the Logi Bolt USB receiver is pre-paired out-ofbox
•	Rechargeable with Li-Po batteries that can be used while charging (USB-C charge port)
•	Switch between up to 3 paired computers using
•	Easy-Switch™ button/keys
•	Logitech Flow cross-computer and OS control and file sharing
Logi Bolt USB Receiver 
•	Windows® 10, 11 or later
•	 macOS® 10.14 or later
•	Linux®7
•	Chrome OS™7