Logitech Signature MK650 Combo For Business


The Signature MK650 Combo for Business delivers what IT needs and employees deserve. Designed to increase comfort and productivity for long days at the desk, its comfortable keyboard palm rest and ergonomically designed mouse shape help lessen fatigue and increase comfort. Programmable keyboard hotkeys simplify productivity, while Logi Bolt wireless connectivity provides enterprise-grade security.


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Key Features

•	The MK650 Combo for Business was designed to make long hours at work easier. With shortcut keys for increased efficiency and a mouse with programmable buttons, this combo is engineered to keep up with demanding workflows.
•	Bluetooth® Low Energy or Logi Bolt, engineered for high-performance, secure connections even in congested wireless environments. It's compatible with all major OS's, making it an easy standard to deploy
•	The MK650 Combo for Business is certified CarbonNeutral®. Rest easy knowing that the carbon footprint of the MK650 Combo for Business has been reduced to zero.
•	IT administrators can remotely deploy and manage Logi Bolt device firmware updates (DFU) and workflow and productivity software Logi Options+ en masse. Define software settings centrally. Push to Windows® and macOS systems.
•	Get line-by-line precision for documents or detail work. Or super-fast scrolling for long web pages and endless rows of spreadsheet cells. Switch modes with just a flick of the SmartWheel.
•	Challenging workflows and long hours are no match for this high-output duo. It combines the comfort of a full-sized keyboard with the advanced functionality of a versatile mouse. A pairing designed to be a productivity powerhouse.