Ready, set, repair

A quick guide to prepare your device for your Apple Service

Get your device ready ahead of your Apple service appointment

We know your time is precious. To help keep our assessment and repair time as quick as possible, there are a couple of steps you can take to prepare your device for your Apple service.

  1. Book an Apple service appointment

    To make sure you aren’t hanging around waiting, please book an appointment with one of the hub technicians online.

    This can be done directly with the hub:


    Or via the Apple website:

    https://getsupport.apple.com/locations/details  (Enter Bella Vista as chosen area)

  2. Check your Service & Support Coverage

    To find out if the damage to your device is under warranty, or check your eligibility to purchase additional AppleCare coverage, use Apple’s handy coverage checker, found here.

    If you have any paperwork, such as sales receipts, it’s worth gathering them together to bring in to your Apple Service appointment.

  3. Back up your data

    Make sure you back up your device before bringing it in store for service. Not sure how best to back up? Follow the directions provided by Apple here:

  4. Disable Find My iPhone / Find my Mac

    As a security measure to prevent unauthorised services being carried out, Apple requires all devices to have Find my iPhone or Find my Mac disabled.
  5. Have your Apple ID and password handy

    It may sound obvious but its worth checking you can remember you password before heading in store. You may be asked to enter your password in some cases, for example if you have forgotten to disable Find my iPhone / Find my Mac!
  6. Head on in!

    Head in for your free Apple Service diagnostic session with a hub specialist. Wherever possible, we repair devices on site while you wait. If we need to order parts in, we’ll let you know when we expect them, and when we will be able to complete the repair.

    If you have any other questions please call our team in-store on 02 8867 0105.

    Find out how we reward our repair customers here.  Review our Apple service Ts& Cs here

How to find us

The hub by Triforce is located at F113, 24-32 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista.

You can find us in the same block as Chef’s Café, looking out to Lexington Drive. Standing in front and facing Chef’s Cafe, turn right. We are near the far end of the block.

There is parking available outside of the shop and in the surrounding complex. Please be aware that given the store and repair centre only opening recently google may direct you to our corporate office located nearby in the same complex.

If you have any issues in locating the store – please call 02 8867 0105 and one of our friendly team will provide further directions.

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